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Fantasian Neo Dimension announced at Nintendo Direct, arrives on Switch holiday season 2024

Get ready to enjoy the turn-based adventure from some Final Fantasy alums on Switch later this year.

Leo in Fantasian.
Image credit: Nintendo

We've just gotten a fresh look at turn-based RPG Fantasian at June's Nintendo Direct, with the game set to arrive on Switch under the name Fantasian Neo Dimension during 2024's holiday season.

Fantasian is the work of Mistwalker, helmed by Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi and has been soundtracked by Nobuo Uematsu, another name that'll be familiar to FF fans. The game's already been a hit on Apple Arcade since its release in 2021 and is now making the jump over to Switch.

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As part of its appearance at the Direct, we got a good look at how the RPG's turn-based combat will look on Switch, with skills being a big point of emphasis, as well as a look at plenty of the characters Leo encounters as he attempts to restore his memories.

The game's unique and handcrafted environment dioramas also look pretty cool, so it'll be nice to see those realised on the Switch. This version of it will also come with "brand new features including English and Japanese voice overs and an additional difficulty option", giving even the Apple Arcade vets something fresh to dig into as they battle folks against the backdrop of those 150 Louvre-worthy dioramas.

Are you excited to see Fantasian emerge from Apple Arcade prison and hit the Switch later this year? Let us know below.

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