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Famitsu delivers with NeverDead character renders and information

Not much on Konami's NeverDead has been reported since the game's announcement at last year's classic, wonderful, and throughly enjoyable E3 press conference. Other than the odd screenshot assortment released back in April, it's been rather quite over on the NeverDead front - that is, until today.

Thanks to a recent posting from Famitsu, we now know a bit about the game's cast of characters, what they look like, an how they can use the game's environment as weapons.

We also know now that the game is 60 percent complete, and will likely be shown again at this year's E3, which takes place next week.

Here's a bit of information gleaned on the game from Andriasang:

  • Bryce Boltzmann - An immortal demon hunter who is employed by NADA, a group that covers up recent demon attacks that have afflicted the city. He spends his days killing off demons to collect beer money.
  • Arcadia - An investigator with NADA. She overseas demon hunters, but does not appear to be too fond of being in charge of Bryce.
  • Alex - Like Bryce, demon hunter Alex has the Evil Eye, which is a sign of immortality. However, it is rumored that he is not fully immortal.
  • Niki - A charismatic idol who's half Indian and half American. She meets Bryce following a certain incident.

Players will use Bryce's immortality, thus the NeverDead moniker, they fight demons in various ways - even by using body parts as weapons. This later bit was shown at E3 last year, and will work out okay for the player as long as they don't reach the point to where Bryce only has a head left.

The game, which is being produced, directed and written by Shinta Nojiri and developed by Rebellion, is expected for a winter release in Japan on PS3 and Xbox 360.

Enjoy the latest screens for it below.

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