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The Fallout TV Show will aim to show us something the games haven’t - your fellow Vault dwellers living it up right after you leave

That idiot’s gone, break out the bingo and Vault-Tec branded booze!

Ella Purnell as Lucy in Amazon's Fallout TV series.
Image credit: VG247/Vanity Fair/Amazon

While we know the Fallout TV show that’s set to drop very soon on Prime Video will feature plenty of things you’re familiar with in terms of factions and items, even if the characters are all new, one of the things designed to help set it apart from the games sounds pretty interesting. Get ready to watch Lucy’s fellow vault dwellers have a good time without her.

Now, obviously this isn’t the first time in Fallout history we’ll have gotten a peek at what’s happened to a vault that was once home to a protagonist in the time since they’ve been gone. That said, both in the original Fallout and Fallout 3, your returns to the Vault don’t exactly suggest things have been all rosy since you departed or end too well, whereas this time, it sounds like at least for a little bit, there won’t be trouble on the homefront.

In a new interview with IGN about the show, director Jonathan Nolan reveals that one of the things he was most excited about in terms of the show’s script was being able to continue telling the story of the folks in Vault 33 in the immediate aftermath of its Ella Purnell-portrayed protagonist’s departure into the wastes. “Just because Lucy left the vault doesn’t mean that we have to,” he explained. “There’s a whole community back there that you’ve gotten to know a little bit.”

So, the showrunners will be taking us back to them on the regular, in order to help emphasise just how violent and unruly life in the wasteland is. As showrunner Geneva Robertson-Dworet puts it: “It’s very fun for us to be able to cut from some hell-on-the-surface scene to our happy vault dwellers harvesting potatoes and planning bingo night.”

That said, it does seem like there’ll be some “hardship” Vault 33’s dwellers have to face, which is designed to help further demonstrate what the upbringing of Lucy - the daughter of the vault’s overseer - was like. Thankfully, it sounds like this largely be from an interesting philosophical perspective, rather than the entire vault being slaughtered by a minor radroach infestation just to show ‘hey, this is why Lucy’s a bit terrible at the practical element of the whole wasteland thing at first’.

And, given a lot of us have gotten a kick out of the peek at regular vault life offered by the likes of Fallout Shelter and Fallout 4’s Vault-Tec Workshop DLC, it’ll probably be cool to see more of that before things potentially go sideways in Vault 33.

While you wait for the Fallout Show to arrive on April 11 so you can enjoy bingo night in Vault 33, why not check out this recently released fan film, which offers a look at an alternative way Fallout 4's main story could have wrapped up.

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