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When is Fallout season 2 coming to Prime Video? The showrunners have an encouraging but realistic answer

They're doing their best, but committing to a release window is dangerous.

Fallout season 1 episode 2 - power armor
Image credit: Prime Video

Fallout season 1 was pretty good on its own, but it also promised an even wilder second season to diehard fans of the games, especially those who love New Vegas. Of course, everyone is now eagerly awaiting updates regarding when Prime Video's hit show will be in front of cameras again, and showrunners Geneva Robertson-Dworet and Graham Wagner have something to say about that.

The Hollywood Reporter recently had a chance to talk to the creatives, who admitted that the mainstream popularity of the show has been "an immense surprise," explaining they made it with the fans (and themselves) in mind first. The full interview is worth your time, as they get deep into a number of interesting questions, but we're surprised about how open they already are when it comes to the work currently being done on season 2.

Regarding a potential numbers of seasons for the show, especially now that it's confirmed to be a big hit, they're not committing to a rigid 'shape' for the overarching story, it seems: "So our hope is to end every season with a semi-satisfying, semi-open-ended kind of shape. Look, we’ve talked about three seasons and we’ve talked about five seasons. Given the success of the show, five is suddenly feeling a little more appealing," said Wagner. They're well aware that the industry is "a temperamental thing" and are treating each season as potentially the last, trying not to leave too many plot threads up in the air.

A big change that will affect shooting the second season is that production will be moving from New York to California, which will be especially helpful as they look for real desert locations as the story moves into the Mojave. The showrunners admit shooting certain scenes in exteriors in NY was already a struggle due to "gray skies" and moodier-than-desired weather conditions.

Of course, the big question came near the end, and neither Wagner nor Robertson-Dworet wanted to lock down a potential release window this early into the creative process for season 2, as there are so many shifting pieces: "But we are going as fast as we possibly can, and we’ve got a lot of heavy lifting from Season 1 already done. We have sets, assets, visual effects, that are already done. We are hitting the ground running this season," added Wagner. This is encouraging news and isn't really surprising, as other major TV productions, such as The Rings of Power, also benefited from doing tons of heavy lifting for the first season when it comes to sets, world-building on the pages, props, and whatnot.

Lucy, Maximus, The Ghoul, Hank, and other season 1 characters are expected to return for season 2 of Fallout, but we're also eager to hear about the new faces that will join them in the coming months, especially now that the series has become a landmark success video game adaptation. Just don't expect the next volume of episodes to arrive before something like late 2025 at the earliest.

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