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Bethesda tells Fallout 76 players to expect "spectacular new issues"

Ahead of the start of the Fallout 76 beta, Bethesda has penned a message to fans and players looking to jump in soon.

The long letter, shared on Bethesda's social media channels, called Fallout 76's beta a "starting line" and not the end of the studio's work on the game.

"Usually after years of development, we finally finish, release the game, and take a break. With 76, we feel we have not finished, but reached a starting line where all new work begins," wrote Bethesda.

"We all know with the scale of our games, and the systems we let you use, that unforeseen bugs and issues always come up. Given what we're going with 76, we know we're opening everyone up to all new spectacular issues none of us have encountered."

Some of the problems Bethesda is aware of include game performance when lots of players are in the same location, something fans quickly pointed out when the first gameplay footage was released.

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"Other [issues], we surely don't. We need your help finding them, and advice on what's important to fix. We'll address all of it, now and after launch," Bethesda added.

In the message, the developer also touched on how the idea for an online-only Fallout game came about, and the challenges this decision has brought, both technical and in how Bethesda was going to get Fallout fans - who typically expect single-player games - to be interested.

You can read the full thing at the link above.

For more on the Fallout 76 beta, such as starting times and download sizes - hit the link. The beta is exclusive to Xbox One until the end of the month, when PC and PS4 players will be able to join.

Fallout 76 is out November 14 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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