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Fallout 76 nukes back online following hiccup

Bethesda has fixed an issue that prevented nuclear silo access in Fallout 76.

In the first few hours after the start of 2019, Fallout 76 players discovered that nuke codes, which are necessary to launching in-game nukes, are not working.

Some initially assumed this was intentional, since it was the first few hours of the new year, and could have easily been done in celebration of 2019. Bethesda quickly clarified that this was not in fact intentional, and vowed to fix it.

Following server maintenance, the issue has now been corrected, and players are once again free to hunt for nuke codes.

It's disappointing, though hardly surprising, that the first Fallout 76 news of 2019 is about a bug. Bethesda certainly has a long road ahead of it.

In other Fallout 76 news, Bethesda confirmed that player vending is coming to the game this year alongside a new PvP mode.

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