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Fallout 76: Formal Wear Challenges Guide

There are more than a few confusing things throughout the world of Fallout 76, not least some of the daily and weekly challenges that are set. A few of them require you to don “Formal Wear” while you complete events or level up.

It’s not completely clear what counts as “Formal Wear and Hats” in Fallout 76 though, and few things that you’d expect to count, don’t.

Here’s one of the outfits that are confirmed to work when completing these Fallout 76 challenges, along with where to get them.

Fallout 76 Formal Wear

With thanks to multiple posters on Reddit, it seems like the easiest items to procure and complete the challenges with are the “Dirty Tan Suit”, “Red Dress”, and “Bowler”.

If you don’t have any other these items already, they’re pretty easy to acquire for around 70 caps.

Simply head over to the Whitespring Resort - one of our favourite locations in all of Fallout 76 - go inside, and downstairs into the underground mall.

To find the Resort, go northeast from Uncanny Caverns or Lewisburg, east from New Gad or Charleston, or south from Top of the World.

Then the shop that you need in the basement is called “Bespoke”.

From the besuited protectron, you can buy the clothes you need:

The Dirty Tan Suit is 34 Caps.

The Red Dress is 36 Caps.

And the “Bowler” is 36 Caps. You must buy the “Bowler” not the “Bowler Hat”. The latter is reported as not counting towards the challenge. Why? Fallout 76, that’s why.

In other Fallout 76 news, a recent patch made changes to perks, weapons, stashes, and carry capacity, but also reintroduced a number of bugs that were thought to have been squished.

On the lighter side of things, Bethesda has also continued to churn out Fallout 76 merch, including a $276 blue and gold leather jacket - twitter was not impressed.

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