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360 Facebook, Twitter, Last.FM to launch next week on November 17


Did you see that date? Our eyes weren't playing tricks on us back in October after all now, were they?

Xbox Live general manager, Marc Whitten, has confirmed to FastCompany that the dashboard update which includes Facebook, Twitter, and Last.FM will go live on Tuesday, November 17, which means come next week - you'll be able to convert Facebook friends to Xbox Live contacts.

"We look at things like Facebook and Twitter as amazing social experiences, but also entertainment," said Whitten. "We didn't want to copy and paste from the PC.

"It's going to be great for current users, but it's also great for new users who can see who is on Facebook and get their first 30 friends on Live."

The date is pretty fitting since it's a MASSIVE day in game releases: Assassin's Creed II, Left 4 Dead 2, God War War Collection, AssCreed DS & PSP Bundle, LBP PSP, The Sims 3 expansion World Adventures, RE: Darkside Chronicles, Toy Hawk: RIDE, Lego Indy 2, etc.

Maybe November 17 should be declared an international gaming holiday, because you know nobody will go into work that day.

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