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F1 Online: open beta gets three new tracks, new features

F1 Online is the browser-based racing and team management title from Codemasters, currently in open beta. The studio has taken the game in for a pit stop, and has bolted on three new tracks and extra features. Check it our below.

The three fictional tracks are all based in Japan and support 24-player races, from ‘Kitamachi Kaido’, which offers a short sprint through a financial district, ‘Higashi Kokado’, which is a docklands race, and ‘Ryokuen Route’ which sees cars blazing through parks and past Imperial Palaces.

Scenic stuff. Codemasters has also added 'High-Performance A-Class components', team HQ upgrades, and a friend system that features an 'invite to race' option.

Want to get involved? Start playing the F1 Online open beta, and check out some screens below.

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