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Evolve is introducing 'adaptations' over the weekend

Evolve is about to get its first 'adaptation' monster, the Meteor Goliath, for free.

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'Adaptations' are variations on the existing monsters in Evolve, which have adapted to their environments while evolving. The Meteor Goliath will be the first such monster.

The news was announced on Evolve's website, and a full list of Meteor Goliath's powers has been listed:

  • Rock Throw: Rock Throw is still Meteor Goliath’s heaviest damage dealer but now his boulders are covered in blue fire and travel faster!
  • Leap Smash: Leap Smash is still the foundation of all Meteor Goliath builds, this Leap Smash hits targets much farther away. Watch how surprised the Hunters are when they think they’re out of range and then suddenly get hit by a blue comet! Fair warning: The cooldown time has been increased to compensate for the ability to travel farther.
  • Fire Breath: Fire Breath is blue, and comes with surprising range. Use it to snipe Hunters from farther away, but don’t be greedy. Share the fire with everyone!
  • Charge: Charge has the same speed as before, but lasts much longer now. Did we need to mention it looks like a Meteor? The cooldown time is increased.
  • Sneak: Your flames automatically extinguish when you enter stealth mode.
  • Leap: Meteor Goliath still leaps to get around, but these leaps are faster.

Evolve and all its currently released DLC will be free to play on PC and Xbox One this weekend as well.

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