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Everybody is playing Fallout 4 and New Vegas, and it’s all thanks to Amazon’s Fallout

Back in the wastelands.

Turns out that the Fallout show has gotten everyone in the mood to play the games, as pretty much every title in the series has seen their player count skyrocket.

Last week, Prime Video finally released its live-action adaptation of Fallout, which was quickly met with positive reviews all around. So, it should come as no surprise that players would get a hankering for the games too, which is exactly what happened. In fact, at least according to SteamDB stats, players returned to all of the Fallout games in droves, though some admittedly more than others. Fallout 4 saw the most players in game over the weekend, hitting a player count peak of 83,491 on Sunday - bear in mind a week earlier the game's player count peak was at around 24,000, so it's more than tripled its player count following the release of the show last week.

It's Fallout 76 that took home a new record this weekend, though, a game you should absolutely hop onto now you've finished the show. The multiplayer take on the classic RPG franchise actually achieved an all-time high concurrent player count, hitting 39,455 players all in the game at once on Sunday. Not bad for a game that was received quite poorly at launch, but clearly people wanted to rebuild the wasteland with their friends thanks to the show. Fallout: New Vegas is doing well for itself too, though not quite as well as 76 or 4, but it did manage to hit a peak of 19,505 players.

Fallouts 1 through 3 have also seen an increase in players, just not as dramatic, with 3 hitting almost 7000 players. Though, to be fair to Fallout 2, it did also hit its all-time high concurrent player count, just with a much more modest number of 1062 players. Of course, if you were thinking about hopping back into Fallout 4, you might want to wait a bit, as the game's next-gen upgrade is finally arriving later this month.

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