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ESRB outs SingStar Latino's interesting lyrics


Sony's SingStar Latino for PS2 and PS3 has been given a rating by the ESRB.

While it has a Teen rating, the description for the game given by the ESRB is rather hilarious as it mentions the videos and song lyrics included in the game.

We can't do it justice, so here's what we pulled from the site:

Some music videos depict women in revealing clothing (e.g., tight pants, bikini tops, bra-like tops, shirts/dresses that expose deep cleavage) and performing provocative dance moves (e.g., touching breasts and crotch, grinding and gyrating hips). One video depicts a couple, presumably nude, rolling around and kissing underneath bedsheets. The game includes a video with an extended allusion to bodily fluids: A painting depicts a pipe connected to a man's groin and emptying a yellow fluid into a stream. As the song plays in the background (e.g., "Mi agüita amarilla…Mo ja las ca lles…Y la empie zo a mear." [My little yellow water…It wets the streets…And I start to pee.]), a teacher pours a yellow fluid into several cups and serves them to his students, who drink heartily. ...... Song lyrics occasionally contain suggestive/sexual references (e.g., "Y no me hables de sexo seguro" [And don't talk to me about safe sex] and "Ni un instinto animal que el sexo vuelva loco" ["Not an animal instinct that goes nuts for sex]).

We can't wait to see what the ESRB has to say about SingStar Gangsta Rap should that ever come out.

Thanks for the laugh, Joystiq.

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