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End of Nations MMORTS to launch free-to-play

Trion Worlds has announced Petroglyph Games' MMORTS End of Nations will be a free-to-play game.

The game will include battles featuring over 50 players, a large persistent world, and customization options for army and unit uniqueness. It can be played through the solo campaign or in co-op mode, as well as in Conquer the World multiplayer with battles up to 26 vs 26 , and all players can play the game end to end for free.

“Being able to offer a premium game such as End of Nations for free sets us apart in this industry,” said Dave Luehmann, executive producer and VP of third party development at Trion.

"At Trion, we strive to innovate online gaming while emphasizing the delivery of the best core gameplay experience available. Our decision to release End of Nations as a AAA free–to-play title is guided by these principles.”

End of Nations will be made available in a standard and limited Collector’s Edition form at retail, as well as through a digital-only Collector’s Edition online.

Players can also choose to pay an optional monthly subscription fee to receive "extra value and convenience."

Check out the gamescom trailer for it below.

End of Nations is slated for a fall release.

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