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End of Nations is neither MOBA nor RTS, it's an evolution, says dev

End of Nations developer Trion Worlds has stressed that its recently re-worked version of Petroglyph's canned RTS isn't a MOBA, it's an evolution of the genre they say.

Speaking with PCGamesN, the game's executive producer Scot Lane said, "End of Nations doesn’t really fit nicely into either [the RTS or the MOBA] bucket; it is what we see as the next evolution of the genre.

"We have Hero units and tactical leveling that you find in MOBA’s, but we also have user-controlled units and some of the micro aspects found in RTS games. That being said, the real change we made was from RTS/MMO to more of a tactical MOBA.

"When we initially played and evaluated the game and went through the mountains of user feedback, it kept pushing us in this direction. The combat worked much better than the MMO aspects so we let the game take us to where we are now.”

End of Nations is currently back in Alpha with beta-test registration now open to the public. We have a gallery of screens from the new title here, and they do appear to be quite MOBA-like and tactical.

But while the gameplay appears to have changed in many ways, Lane added that the game's lore and key fundamentals remain intact. "The game’s foundation remains the same,” he continued, “in that it builds on the original lore and it still has the same classes, although the classes have been enhanced to fit in better with the distinct roles they play on the battlefield.

"Some of the heroes will be familiar to you, and the general overall combat gameplay is still there although both have been enhanced. Overall, there is quite a bit you’ll recognize which we’ve improved upon, but you’ll definitely notice new elements, too, which we think you’ll really like."

The game's heroes are actually a variety of military vehicles, some of which have been announced already. We've got a run-down of the first batch of hero vehicles here.

What do you think of the re-tooled End of Nations? Can it work as a MOBA/RTS hybrid? Let us know below.

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