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En Masse working on distributing TERA beta codes after retail issues with Collector's Edition

Those who have tried to pre-order the Collectors Edition of TERA have found that the game is not available for pre-order, thus putting a damper on hopes of guaranteed access to the game's closed beta. En Masse has said the codes were "only recently conveyed to retailers," is sorry about the issue, and is looking into a fix now. The firm said it is communicating directly with the retailers to see whether there's "anything we can do to speed the process" up and the codes distributed. It will also provide updates as to when the pre-order availability of the physical collector's edition is available, and at which retailers. Seems like the safest route for the time being, would be to purchase the Collector's Edition digitally, if you want in the beta that badly. A sneak peek beta is currently going on now, and the first of five closed beta tests start February 17 run every weekend until April 15. The open beta starts on April 19 and the game releases in May.

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