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Empire leads Star Wars: The Old Republic PvP, update promised

BioWare has noted tremendous interest in the player versus player offering of Star Wars: The Old Republic, and has big plans to expand it.

Writing on the MMORPG's blog, PvP design lead Gabe Amatangelo said over one million Warpoint matches were played in The Old Republic's first week, and that over half of all players had participated. Huttball has been proved the most popular option at 39% of all matches

Empire players have won 53% of all Alderaan Civil War and Voidstar matches, and an in-faction Warzone is planned, allowing you to take on your fellow Republic or Empire players.

BioWare's planned updates to the PvP side include level 50 bracket Warzones; better open World PvP on Ilum: optomised combat gameplay; ranked Warzone matches; PvP stat T=tracking; open world PvP loot drops; more Warzone medals for different objectives; plus guard and target optimisations.

Additionally, BioWare in investigating the possibility of team versus team play; more level brackets; and choice of warzone.

Thanks, Talkar.

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