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Empire announces Unsolved Crimes

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Empire announced Unsolved Crimes today, a DS adventure that casts the player as a "rookie detective - part of the Homicide Division."

"An aspiring model, Betsy Blake has disappeared," said the firm today in a press release. "A loner is the prime suspect. But this case is a whole lot deeper than it first appears."

It's out this autumn. We promise we won't be writing about thing like this tomorrow. Press release after the link.

London, UK – 28 July 2008 - Empire Interactive, a wholly owned subsidiary of Silverstar Holdings (NASDAQ: SSTR), has today release more information about its forthcoming Nintendo DS™ title Unsolved Crimes. A new type of game for the Nintendo DS, Unsolved Crimes is an absorbing, enthralling, character driven adventure video game experience which integrates the thrills of an action game with the mental challenges of a 3D crime investigation.

You’re a rookie detective - part of the Homicide Division. An aspiring model, Betsy Blake has disappeared. A loner is the prime suspect. But this case is a whole lot deeper than it first appears… Crime is rampant in this city, and the disappearance of Betsy Blake is the latest in unnerving series of events that are slowly bringing New York City to its knees. Can you crack the cases the regular cops can’t? And can you get to the bottom of the kidnapping that’s all over the news? It’s up to you to disentangle the truth from lies, and try to save Betsy before it’s too late.

Product Information:
Unsolved Crimes integrates three gaming elements, an action game, a 3D crime investigation and a crime quiz to give players a uniquely absorbing experience. The game fully utilizes the Nintendo DS’ unique two screens allowing players to immerse themselves in the environments of New York. The innovative use of the Nintendo DS stylus will also allow you to trace marks, routes and memos on suspicious items discovered at crime scenes, all allowing you to move closer to solving the kidnapping mystery.

Key Features:

• Engaging Storytelling: An overarching story line runs throughout the game to fully immerse Nintendo DS gamers into the world of Unsolved Crimes
• Integrated gaming elements include, a story driven action game, point and click crime investigation, crime quiz, shootouts and action car chases!
• With over 8 independent cases to solve across diverse and fully Interactive environments: Gamers will have to be vigilant and use all of their powers of deduction to find the clues and crack the case

Genre: Action Adventure/Point and Click (Crime Mystery)
Format: Nintendo DS™
Release Date: Autumn 2008
Brand: Empire Interactive
SRP: £29.99

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