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Elite 4: "We are looking at console," says Braben

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Frontier's David Braben has told VG247 that console versions of Elite 4 are being considered.

"We are looking at console, yes," said the developer, speaking in Brighton earlier this month.

Braben, however, refused to be drawn on specifics on the next installment in the classic space exploration franchise, calling it "very, very deep and dark" and explaining that it's been in development for so long because of resource issues.

"I know, I know, and it becomes a running joke: I'm fully aware of that," he said when asked about the title's extended work period.

"The problem with Elite is that we started a project then stopped it. That's the problem that's happened. It's the sort of game we have to get absolutely right. It's got to be brilliant."

No date on this as yet. Braben's also working on The Outsider and "other projects we haven't announced yet."

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