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EGX Rezzed: 160+ playable games, 400 screens and loads of developers talking shop

Only one month to go until London's big games expo.

14th March 2015 EGX Rezzed Tobacco Dock, London, UK PH: © Tom Horton

Games show EGX Rezzed has confirmed that there will be well over 160 games playable at this year's event. That's a lot.

The full list of PC, console and VR game is here, and includes the likes of Dark Souls 3, Total War: Warhammer, Dead Pixels 2, Gang Beasts, Heat Signature, Just Cause 3: Sky Fortress and something called Burly Men At Sea. Blimey.

Developers behind Firewatch, Sunless Sea, Divinity: Original Sin 2 and Dying Light will all be in the house, talking about how great their games are and that. You can even hang out with the people behind some website or other called Rock, Paper, Shotgun if you like. We hear they're a right laugh.

EGX Rezzed takes place in London at Tobacco Dock, April 7-9. You can still get tickets right here. Get a move on.

Full disclosure: Gamer Network sells VG247's ads. Gamer Network is also behind EGX Rezzed. Small world, innit?

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