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Early supporters of EA Access are being gifted with a 2TB external hard drive for Xbox One

Those who have been an early supporter of EA Access since launch on Xbox One may want to check their postal box.


According to various EA Access users on Twitter, they have received a nice present in the mail: a 2TB Seagate Game Drive for Xbox One.

These plug and play external hard drives from Seagate are priced starting at $119.99, but many retailers offer them for less. The average price at retail runs closer to $100 (Best Buy, Tiger Direct, Office Depot). Amazon is less expensive: in the UK it's priced at £84.99 while in the US it's $97.40.

You can see some of the images taken by recipients through the EA Access Twitter account, but we've posted a few below, including one from Xbox boss Phil Spencer praising EA for recognizing users.

It seems EA is sending these out in waves, so if you have been with the service from the start and haven't received your drive in the mail yet, be patient.

EA Access was announced three years ago in July, and is a monthly service which runs $4.99 per month or $29.99 annually. It provides users with access to The Vault, a collection of EA games on Xbox One ready for download and play.

Subscribers are also able to play trials of new EA games before release, and receive 10% off digital purchases of EA games on Xbox One.

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