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Subscription-based service for Xbox One players announced by EA

EA Access is an all-new monthly or annual membership exclusively launching on Xbox One announced today by EA.


For $4.99 a month users will have access to "The Vault" which ia a collection of EA games on Xbox One ready for download and play.

A beta for a limited number of players rolls out today, during which gamers will have unlimited access to four titles: FIFA 14, Madden NFL 25, Peggle 2 and Battlefield 4 with more titles being added soon. That’s over $100 worth of games and they can all be played for as much as you like.

More players will be added to the beta soon and if a yearly sub is your bag, it will run you $29.99 per year on Xbox Live.

There's an FAQ for the service through here, and according to it, some pre-release titles will allow subscribers to play one of the game's modes for a limited time, "while other times you can jump into the full game."

All progress will carry over so subs can continue the game on launch day. Some games will offer users the ability to dive in five days before release for a two hour play session (per Major Nelson).

As for purchasing an Access membership at retail, different stores will offer the option in different territories. In the United States, Gamestop (Disclaimer: GameStop is Game Informer's parent company) will carry them. In Europe, they'll be available at GameStop and online via Amazon. In Canada, you can purchase a membership from EBGames.

GameStop customers will be able to purchase their EA Access membership in local retail stores. GameStop and Amazon will also carry EA Access memberships for Xbox One gamers across Europe, as well as EB Games in Canada.

There is more information over on the EA Blog.

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