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EA details post-beta Medal of Honor changes, nothing is as you remember it


Hey, remember Medal of Honor?

No you don't. Not anymore.

This may shock you, but a videogame publisher - in this case, EA - actually used beta feedback to alter a game before release. And here we thought "beta" was just Greek for "free demo."

The end result? It's like tapping some guy on the back who looks like one of your friends from behind, but it's not awkward when he turns around, because he's actually more handsome and way cooler than your friend.

EA community manager Matthew Pruitt outlined the changes over on the PlayStation Blog, but here's the gist: revamped graphics, weapon pick-ups for ammo, better balancing on support actions, tweaks for every weapon, and tons more.

Click through the link for the full list of changes, then find that little file in your brain titled "Preconceived notions about Medal of Honor" and click delete. Yes, Fox News, that means you too.

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