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Riccitiello: Rockstar is "the asset" in Take-Two buy out

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EA CEO John Riccitiello has just said that the main reason EA is interested in buying Take-Two is to take control of GTA developer Rockstar.

"We see them as the asset, as the key part of the deal," he said.

In an ongoing conference call, Riccitiello said that he had "great respect" for the Rockstar team, that have been through many CEOs since it was founded in the late 90s.

"We would be a great home for them," he said.

He also singled out Max Payne, Table Tennis, Bully and Midnight club as key reasons to be interested in Take-Two.

Riccitiello listed other 2K studios that would add significantly to EA's business, including 2K Boston.

"Bioshock, I may note, is one of my favourite games in the last 12 months," he said.

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