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EA Announces New EA Original Rustheart, A Game About Customizing and Befriending a Big Robot

It's Iron Giant, the game.

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At the top of a new video showcasing various small studios EA works with for its EA Originals program, was a striking image: a giant robot, and a kid climbing onto its shoulders. This, a gathering of press learns at a private EA Play 2019 event, is a brand new EA Original from developers Glowmade.

Rustheart is an action-RPG with NPC co-op. The robot is fully customizable, according to Glowmade CEO Jonny Hopper. Players will be able to build the robot so that it is unique and personal to them, from color to gear. The robot learns from the player's actions too. Hopper cites the animated film Iron Giant, the vibe of '80s movies, and the comedy of Rick and Morty as key inspirations for Rustheart. "How do we make a game there," he says was the big question around the studio with the cluster of inspirations, "what can we do with that?"

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Previously, Glowmade collaborated with Tequila Works on WonderWorlds, a user-creation driven game. Rustheart is the studio's first game under the EA partners banner.

At the private EA event, a panel of developers from Jo-Mei, Zoink, Glowmade, 11 Bit Studios, and Velan Studios talked about their own EA-related projects and the state of indie development at large. Velan Studios, in particular, is a newly EA partnered studio, whom are working on an unannounced game. Founded in 2016, CEO Karthik Bala says, "the reason we signed with EA is everyone played it. The execs played it." Bala did not reveal anything about the game, but let slip that it will be an online, live game.

EA announced other new games coming out through its EA Originals program. There will be a new game from Fe developer Zoink! Titled Lost in Random. There is also a new game in the works from A Way Out Developer Hazelight Studios that will be named at a later date.

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