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Metroid Prime developer drops E3 2015 hint

Metroid Prime developer Retro Studios may have something to show us at E3 2015.


Retro has hinted at an E3 2015 reveal with a mysterious little tweet.

Obviously one shouldn't read too much into this, as the team may simply be showing support for colleagues at other Nintendo studios - but I personally am quite prepared to place money on this being our first reference to a new Retro reveal.

In addition to the Metroid Prime games, Retro is responsible for Donkey Kong Country Returns and its sequels. We know it's been working on a new project in collaboration with a Nintendo team since Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze shipped in 2014 and it'd be great to find out what that might be. Cross your fingers.

I wonder if that choice of phrase - "can you dig it" - means something? Are there any digging related properties Retro might have turned its hand to - assuming it hasn't fostered its own new IP?

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