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Dynasty Warriors 8 delayed to late July

The Australian distributor for Dynasty Warriors 8 has announced a slight delay to Omega Force's latest hack-and-slasher.

Previously expected in early July, Dynasty Warriors 8 has now been pushed back to July 25 in Australia.

It's not clear if there's any change to the North American and European release schedules; we'll chase local Tecmo Koei representatives in office hours.

The PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 title adds new characters, modes, stages and scenarios. Pre-orders net various DLC bonuses depending on retailer.

Dynasty Warriors 8 has the largest cast of the series to date, and will offer both English and Japanese voice over options as well as English, French and German. It retains the same combat system as Dynasty Warriors 7, with characters able to equip any weapon but possessing affinities for particular kinds.

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