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Dyack confirms work “underway” on Too Human 2 and 3 as well as “other games in the pipe”

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Speaking to VG247, Silicon Knights boss Denis Dyack has confirmed that work has begun on both a second and third Too Human game, as well as revealing new, unannounced projects in the works at the Canadian developer.

“We do,” he said when asked if the firm’s working on games other than Too Human.

“They’re unannounced. We’re not talking about them right now, but there are other games in the pipe. Also, of course, we’ll be continuing the [Too Human] trilogy with Microsoft.

“We’re definitely on the road, and things are looking really good: the sequels are underway.”

Dyack added that the only thing that would realistically stop more Too Human games would be a complete failure of the first title.

“It’s as guaranteed as anything is these days, yeah,” he said. “If the first game totally fails and no one wants to play it, then what’s the point of making a second or third?

“But looking at the trends of the demo and how we think we’re going to do, then yeah.”

Too Human hits US retail today, and launches in Europe at the end of this month.

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