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Molyneux on Too Human: "There was something slightly off about it"

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Too Human, eh? Peter Molyneux played it a bit and thought there wasn't something quite right about it, as he told Joystiq.

"In the end, I think with Too Human... it has some gems in there, but they're hard to find," he said.

Again, I didn't play it for terribly long. I quite like the combat and felt it was accessible, but I just... if I got my hands on the game, I'd rip out a few of the things they did and just concentrate on the core. It just slightly forgot about what it was trying to be. In a way, it tried to be something it was not. It felt – and again, I thought it did some things really well – that there was something slightly off about it.

"I'm sure that Dennis Dyack is going to come and kill me now."

Loads more through there.

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