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Dyack banned from NeoGAF after "worst forum" comments

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After telling videogaming247 the reason he chose to challenge NeoGAF over negative comments towards Too Human was because the forum was "the worst" of it's kind, Silicon Knights boss Denis Dyack now finds himself banned from the site.

GAF moderator EviLore wrote this angry response:

As Confucius once said, “the photoshop cat juggles a ball of yarn, and unravels it all over his face.” You are Baldur, Denis. You’re the poorly animated bald Norse technogod, the Übermensch with a thousand pointless book references misunderstood by the dirty proles who aren’t worthy enough to judge you.

Your favorite Nietzsche quote, "he who fights with monsters might take care lest he thereby become a monster," is one you’ve fallen victim to yourself, if your opinion of this site is to be taken to heart. In these pitiable confrontations with us you've proven to be the monster of gaming development, a sore on the industry and a squanderer of your subordinates' time and effort. Through all this, through this self-inflicted PR nightmare, you’ve conquered vast new frontiers of unwarranted hyperbole and desperate pseudo-intellectual grasping. Buy an unaccredited doctorate, change your given name to Derek, and take up the reins; Derek Smart would eagerly defer to the greatness of Dr. Dyack.

What is an appropriate action to take in response to the man who continues to post here? I won't be tolerating a second retconned "social experiment," a second call for NeoGAF's closing, or a second "worst forum" insult. You decided to ignore the option for real terms for your pointless tag bet, so with the majority of reviews condemning your magnum opus to mediocrity I'll claim a suitable prize by telling you to get the hell off NeoGAF.

We're saying nothing.

By Mike Bowden

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