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Duke Nukem Forever's Fully Loaded package includes a GTX 560

The snazziest special edition of Duke Nukem Forever doesn't just contain a few bits and bobs - oh no. It's got a graphics card.

RipTen reports nVidia is offering a limited edition Duke Nukem-branded GeForce GTX 560 in the Duke's Fully Loaded Package collector's bundle.

The pack also offers a copy of Duke Nukem Forever; a radioactive-symbol belt buckle similar to that sported by the man himself; an art book spanning the series' history; and a limited edition Duke Nukem mousepad.

The GTX 560 has a core clock speed of 810 Mhz, which is apparently a lot - possibly more than the modest Duke Nukem Forever actually requires.

Duke Nukem Forever releases on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in early June.

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