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Duke Nukem Forever: Steph sends play impressions from PAX


Steph Nunneley just sent us back her impressions of playing Duke Nukem Forever immediately after the game's reveal at PAX this morning. Gearbox has now confirmed the shooter will release on 360, PS3 and PC sometime next year.

So, as you know, Randy Pitchford came out this morning and introduced Duke Nukem Forever to us, a small room of journalists, and it was as over the top as you would expect.

After the demo, we were rushed into a room where we were allowed to play the game.

The level I played, which looked like an opening stage, was single-player - multiplayer will be announced at a later date.

Duke starts out by taking a p**s. You're in first-person mode, and you're literally watching p**s hit a urinal. You can direct it a bit as well, which was interesting. After that, I used the stick to move into a meeting room, where some fellas were looking at a write-on-wipe-off board, which you can erase and draw on. I didn't do very well at it, but with practice, I'm sure I could have drawn something very unladylike.

This was followed by a massive explosion. Duke's fists came up and I had to walk down a hall to see men blown in half and others freaking out. I entered what was an elevator of sorts, and all a sudden I had this massive, over the top double-barrel gun - finally, because I was starting to stress over not having a weapon, thinking I was going to have to punch my way out.

When I reached the top of the building, it looked to be in a sports stadium, and there was this huge cyclops waiting on me. I tried to kill him twice but ran out of bullets.

I used RT to shoot, LT to zoom, and the left stick to sprint away. I died again, obviously, but it wasn't the game's fault; the controls were very easy and movement was smooth. I just held the trigger until my ammo ran out and died before I could find more.

In conclusion, Duke Nukem Forever is going to be just as over the top as you remember the series being, and probably more so. Big guns, big monsters, big muscles, big wisecracks, and big t*ts. Just big everything.

There's vehicle combat in there, although we didn't get to play it. It honestly looks like it will be a fun game, and something to finally appease those of us who remember Duke from our youth.

It's out in 2011 for PC PS3 and 360. There's no exact date, because, well, we know the history of all this and so does Gearbox.

We'll just leave it at 2011.

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