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Dragon Quest X battles detailed

Square Enix has opened up on how Dragon Quest's traditional turn-based combat has been translated for MMORPG Dragon Quest X.

As detailed by Andriasang, players will be able to move freely around battle environments at any time, rather than remaining in place between attacks and skills. That said, when players choose specific attacks, the character will automatically move to an appropriate target within range of that attack.

Each player's speed parameter determines how frequently they can issue a command. Because you can input commands as the next cooldown triggers, you'll be able to chain together attacks if you're precise with timing.

It sounds like control will be a major focus of group combat; a parameter called weight determines whether attacks will freeze enemies in place, preventing them from attacking more distant party members. In conjunction with the ranges on attacks mentioned above, it highlights positioning.

There's a bunch of new screens and some more information through the link above. Dragon Quest X arrives on Wii in Japan in August, and on Wii U some time after the system launches. A western launch has not been confirmed. The subscription MMO caters to children with a special daily free period.

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