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DotA 2 winter patch dissected: reveals 'Frostivius' mode, ice-skating

DotA 2 is getting a new winter patch soon, although Valve is - obviously - being deathly silent on the issue. However, the latest patch has been analysed by a gamer, who has unearthed a huge list of avatar gear, festive artwork, sound effects, graphics and nods to a new 'Frostivius' game mode that could add ice-skating into the mix. See it all below.

The patch was dissected at, and contains many new additions already out there in the wild, such as new mech-bound character Rizzrack the Timbersaw.

However the patch also makes mention of a new 'Frostivus' game mode that is linked to an image of ice-skates, and sound files of characters skating. There are images of snowy footprints, announcer files and more, yet the mode has yet to go live.

In case you missed his debut, here's some shots of Rizzrack in action:

The patch analyis also has a Rizzrack bio, ability icons, in-game combat shots and more model renders for you to play catch-up. This is a rather in-depth breakdown of the content, so if you're a DotA 2 fan, be sure to check it all out above.

Thanks PCGamesN.

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