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DOTA 2 Tournament view to share box office take with organisers

If you host a DOTA 2 tournament people would pay to see, Valve thinks you should get some money. This is difficult to argue with.

in a new developer blog post, Valve outlined the Tournament pane of the latest game client, which allows users to easily find events and purchase tickets for them. Users will then be able to jump straight into live or replay matches directly from the client, with a portion of proceeds going straight to the organisers.

This has some interesting implications for high level players, as it may mean organiser offer better prize pools to lure in popular names, and also provides some incentive for smaller tournaments to promote their events in order to offset costs.

Valve was quick to point out that paid-for, in-client tournament viewing shouldn't replace web streams, which are generally free, or lock out third-party providers like MLG.

"We think there are some customers who’d like to invest in a higher fidelity, richer experience that they have more control over, and we hope to be able to provide that with the in-game Tournament view," the developer said.

"We also believe that external companies providing financial support for tournaments is a crucial component to the competitive scene, and we have several ideas for how to provide them with features that will work in both the Tournament view and web-based streams."

This is at least the second initiative Valve has launched to spread earnings around the community; its Workshop mod centre allows creators to make money from custom items for Team Fortress 2 and DOTA 2. Both games are free-to-play.

The post also details Valve's plans for better team support, so click through the link above for more details. The new client is expected to roll out this week.

Thanks, Ausgamers.

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