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Dota 2 team receives 12 month ban for match fixing

roX.KIS player Alexey 'Solo' Berezin has received a lifetime ban from prominent Dota 2 network Starladder TV after it emerged that he allegedly bet on his own team losing.

Although the outcome of the game didn't seriously impact the sixth season of Starladder TV, the network felt it was a serious enough transgression to also ban three of Berezin's teammates for three years each and the team itself for 12 months.

Berezin is alleged to have made a whopping $322 on for throwing the game, according to Starladder's evidence (Russian).

However, roX.KIS contested that they deliberately threw the match with a "suspiciously horrible performance", in a statement earlier today.

The team "believes in the innocence of its players and staff" and feel that the "evidence base is very uncertain".

The team alleges that IP of the transaction doesn't match where Berezin lives and that allows players to cash to any account as long as you have the ID. Berzin's ID was publicly available as part of a donation drive.

Additionally, the team claims that since they "did not have any chances of getting to the Lan finals" the game was "just a formality", explaining their poor performances.

"Solo and Rox team do not agree with these accusations and we continue to ask for a full investigation of this incident(with the help from Starladder judges, players and managers of Rox, and egamingbets). We look forward to understanding of this among our fans, and please do not make sudden conclusions."

It seems that no matter how bad eggs Valve can reform, Dota's community will always generate controversy.

The roX.KIS statement was translated by Reddit user Zoidy_. Thanks, joinDOTA.

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