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DOTA 2 patch welcomes the Templar Assassin, better bots

Those participating in the DOTA 2 beta are already aware that a new hero has been added to the MOBA, but what the uninitiated don' know, is that this new hero is Lanaya the Templar Assassin.

This is a character you'd use if you are interested in using long-range traps and invisibility - basically someone who likes to gank will enjoy this toon.

Those who are fond of Storm Spirit will be pleased to know he has a new announcer with a flair for the melodramatic, there's a new breed of special chests full of exclusive goodies opened using a key from the DOTA 2 store.

If that wasn't enough to please your punches, bots have been reprimanded and are acting better, and a list of bug fixes have been applied, and more.

PC Gamer has the breakdown for you or alternatively, you can hit up the patch notes on Steam.

There's a video featuring the lovely Lanaya below.

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