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Dota 2 Frostivus event announced with vague hints of content to come

Dota 2 is hosting an end-of-year holiday event called Frostivus this month, and although we don't have concrete details yet, Valve has begun teasing the festive happenings.

The Frostivus page suggests things wil kick off about December 21, as it references "the longest night of the year" - the norther hemisphere's winter solstice.

Reading between the lines, Wreath-night looks to involve collecting and crafting unique items, with various special items dropping on Frostivus Eve.

Thanks to the Frostivus truce, "Radiant and Dire may gather to play games and exchange gifts", whatever that means; it sounds like there'll be a Secret Santa-like wishlist affair.

"However you choose to celebrate the season, the byword is relaxation. There is nothing more to worry about, nothing you need to do. Nothing can possibly go wrong," Valve added, which certainly makes me suspicious that we'll see something similar to the upset of 2013 events.

If you're a bit mystified by references to last year's event being cancelled, familiarise yourself with the Greeviling.

Thanks, Blue's News.

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