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Dota 2 documentary near complete, showing at private sessions

Valve has finished a Dota 2 documentary, Free to Play, and invited special guests to private viewings to "beta test" it.

Kotaku has an image of what is aaid to be an invite to a screening of the film, submitted by an anonymous source.

When asked about the invite, Doug Lombardi told the site Valve is "beta testing the documentary on The International", Valve's annual Dota 2 world championship event.

Unlike last year's short cinematic recap of the tournament, Free to Play is a broader look at the Dota 2 scene, which Lombardi said is more about the gamers than one tournament.

We've expected Free to Play's announcement since Valve registered three domain names related to the movie in December. The invite describes the movie as "in-production" so it may still be a fair way from release.

The International takes place from August 7 in Seattle.

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