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You can now preorder Doom branded 'Bone Vodka', if that's a thing you want

If there's an empty space on your liquor shelf and you want a drink you'll have to explain to anyone you share it with, good news!

Doom Bone Vodka is a collaboration between Bethesda UK and Rebel Distillers, and is currently available for preorder. It ships to the UK, Europe and Australia, and retails for £45 plus shipping. Bottles will ship towards the end of September, ahead of Doom Eternal's November 22 release.

As PCGamesN reports, based on the press release they were sent, the vodka uses an organic wheat base and includes smoked and roasted beef bones in the process. The bones are ethically sourced from The Ginger Pig, a London-based butcher.

Doom Bone Vodka has a 44% ABV, which is just slightly over average. It's unlikely to make you a better slayer, of course, but it's an interesting keepsake if you're a huge fan (and perhaps it'll taste good, too - it's certainly unique).

It's also the sort of thing that's likely to sell out, so order some soon if you're keen.

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