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Doom 4 team "doing something Doom fans will be happy with," says RAGE's Hooper

RAGE's design director Matt Hooper has said that Doom fans will be pleased with what the Doom 4 teams is doing with the game, and it will be
"distinct" from other shooters from the studio.

"It's going great. It's awesome," Hooper told Eurogamer. "We have so many talented people, and as a company we've grown so much. But we've been able to keep them [the Doom 4 and Rage development teams] separate. With Rage we're concentrating on making our game as good as it can be. Those guys support us in whatever way they can. And we'll do the same for them.

"They're [the Doom 4 team] going in their own direction. They're doing something Doom fans will be happy with. I try to support them as much as possible. It's a good thing. We're separated enough to be able to go our own ways, but still connected where we can help facilitate both those directions."

Hopper goes on to say that if Doom 4 and RAGE weren't distinct from each other, "it would be dangerous," as the neither team wants "to make a re-skinned Doom [with Rage] and then Doom 4 be a re-skinned Rage."

Doom 4, which skipped QuakeCon last year, is still missing a release window, as the team is still working hard to not make a sequel to Doom 3, "but not a reboot either," id CEO Todd Hollenshead said at the event in 2010.

RAGE releases on September 13 in the US and September 16 in the UK for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.

A new trailer, information on the Anarchy Edition and the iOS spin-off game can be found here.

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