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Dontnod's Twin Mirror slips to 2020 and becomes a 12 month Epic Store exclusive on PC

Twin Mirror - the latest in a long line of games that seems to be aimed very specifically at mega Twin Peaks fans (like me) - won't be out in 2019.

Twin Mirror, a third-person psychological adventure about a journalist investigating a case in his home town of Basswood, West Virginia. The protagonist, Sam, will apparently have access to a Hannibal-style 'mind palace' where he can contemplate the case he's looking into.

Dontnod has revealed in a press release that the game's release has slipped to 2020, but it also seems as though their ambitions for the game have grown.

The game will also be co-produced by Shibuya Productions for the sake of "increased licensing potential", and while Bandai Namco is still publishing the game, Dontnod will retain the rights to the game and series it could potentially spawn. The release mentions Shibuya Productions' "transmedia expertise", so they might be planning something interesting.

The game has also been announced as a 12-month Epic Store exclusive on PC. "The financial terms of this partnership ensure a more advantageous distribution of revenues for DONTNOD", the release reads.

Twin Mirror is also coming to PS4 and Xbox One, and has been previously revealed as an episodic game, much like the developer's extremely good Life is Strange series.

Life is Strange 2 will wrap up by the end of 2019 - from there, hopefully we won't need to wait too long to visit the world of Twin Mirror.

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