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One of the best roguelike survival games, Don't Starve, is getting its own tabletop adaptation

Can you survive the table?

Don't Starve: The Board Game
Image credit: Glass Cannon Unplugged

One of the best survival games out there is getting a board game courtesy of Glass Cannon Unplugged, and it’s Klei Entertainment’s roguelike classic Don’t Starve.

Going the crowdfunding route through Kickstarter, Don't Starve: The Board Game takes 1-4 players into the randomly generated world of the Constant, a strange and dangerous realm where magic and science intertwine.

With the elements and plenty of baddies working against you, as one of the video game’s iconic characters, you and your friends will need to use your wits to outsmart fate, find subsistence, and stay alive.

Game mechanics center on player choice, dynamic combat, and exploration in night and day conditions. It even features a visual design that fully embraces the art style of the Don’t Starve video game.

You will also be able to continue the fun with extra content offered through expansions, add-ons, and future retail releases.

Designed by Rafał Pieczynski, lead developer of the multi-award-winning Frostpunk: The Board Game. Narrative direction is being handled by Jakub Wisniewski, known for his work on This War Of Mine and Frostpunk: The Board Game, and Natanel Vo-Apfel of Into The Outside: Prelude.

Glass Cannon Unplugged’s current collaborations include a campaign for Apex Legends: The Board Game with Genuine Entertainment and Electronic Arts, as well as a board game adaptation for Techland’s Dying Light.

If you are unfamiliar with the video game Don’t Starve, you should familiarize yourself immediately with the wilderness survival game. It’s really great.

Featuring plenty of science and magic, you play as Wilson (a gentleman who grows a magnificent beard), who has been trapped by demon and transported to a mysterious world full of strange creatures, dangers, and surprises.

As Wilson, you must learn to exploit the environment and its inhabitants. You will need to spend your time gathering resources to craft items and structures - but use your time wisely and don’t get caught in the dark without a light source. Hopefully, you’ll survive long enough to escape and find your way back home.

There are 19 playable characters to unlock once certain abilities and requirements are met.

Since the game dropped in 2013, Klei Entertainment has released three single-player DLC: Don't Starve: Reign of Giants, Don't Starve: Shipwrecked, and Don't Starve: Hamlet.

If you are in the mood for some survival co-op, you should give the game’s standalone multiplayer expansion, Don’t Starve Together, a try.

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