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Don't get caught on the ropes in WWE 2K20

Talk about getting caught on the ropes.

Glitches in games are nothing new, but this one in WWE 2K20 is rather funny.

Posted on Twitter by MrMacho419, you can see one of the wrestlers getting caught up in the ropes. Ropes that continuously move of their own volition. The poor ref even gets caught up at one point.

Another interesting glitch is the disappearance of an implement wrestlers love to bash each other with, the ladder. Whether that's intentional or not is unknown considering we have not played the game. Either way, don't hit your pals with a ladder, kids. It's not very nice.

Other than the ladder and metal podium vanishing (and then reappearing) and a bit of knee-walking, the rope bit is rather funny. Shame it doesn't happen in real life. It would make wrestling more interesting.

WWE 2K20 is out today on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, so it's likely a patch fixing such things will be released at some point.

Until then, enjoy the silly ropes and look over the full release roster here.

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