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DmC Devil May Cry: Son of Sparda edition is GameStop exclusive

DmC: Devil May Cry's 'Son of Sparda edition was outed for Europe last month, although the exact details regarding its sale have remained a mystery, until now. GameStop has it as an exclusive. Get availability details and the pack's contents below the fold.

MCV reports that the Son of Sparda edition will release on PS3 and Xbox 360 exclusively at European GameStop stores, as well as the group's EB Games and Micromania shops across the region and in Australia.

The bundle includes a copy of DmC: Devil May Cry, as well as a 'Samurai' DLC Pack - which adds new weapons and gives players ability unlock points from the start of the game - as well as a replica model of Dante's necklace.

You can pre-order the bundle via GameStop now before the game launches on Xbox 360 and PS3 on January 15th.

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