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DmC: Devil May Cry sequel teased

DmC: Devil May Cry could be the first step in a new series of games. Capcom producer Alex Jones says he wants players to consider "what could come next" after finishing the main story.

In an interview scheduled to go live next week, Jones told VG247 that Dante's development may lead to a few questions. Responding to a question asking if the game is more empathetic than previous iterations, Jones said:

"Yeah, the story is Dante kind of finding his purpose. He's on the margins of society at the start and he's just kind of surviving, and then Vergil finds him. At first, just by offering him an opportunity for revenge, Dante then at least has some sort of a goal. As he moves deeper into the story he becomes more connected with the larger struggle it's about him finding his place in the world."

When asked if players will gain more than "some balletic awesome s**t" from the story's conclusion, Jones offered a subtle hint at a future sequel.

"Yeah, hopefully 'balletic awesome s**t' will be one of their few takeaways from the game. For the story, I hope it's a satisfying story that resolves itself and potentially leaves people wanting to find out more about this world and what could come next. But yeah awesome balletic ass-kicking was one of the main objectives."

DmC is scheduled to release on January 15 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. A PC version has also been announced, but without a concrete date.

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