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The Division 2 staff roster recruitment guide - how to recruit staff and unlock the Dark Zone

If you’re looking to build up the White House in The Division 2 so you can unlock clans and Dark Zone activities, here are the steps you need to follow.

Early on in the game, you recruit Coop Denison through the story. This character sits inside the White House near your stash box and he allows you to get perks and gadgets. He also has a tab for your staff roster, teasing some of the companions you can get, as well as what benefits they offer once recruited. It’s not immediately clear how you go about that, however.

The idea is to build up each settlement you come across until they are self-sufficient. With each new milestone, you unlock a new staff member for the White House. You simply need to turn in missions for people at each settlement and hand over materials to projects.

There’s usually a list of recruitable staff in each settlement. The Theater one looks like this, for example:

Once you've done the requirements, you need to find and speak to the NPC in question and they'll head to the White House.

Here are the requirements for Theater staff:

    Recruit Inaya Al-Khaliq
  • Complete the first Priority Mission at the Theater - unlocks item crafting.
  • Recruit Grace Larson

  • Reach level 2 at the Theater. Once you are level 2 - unlocks clans.
  • Recruit Senait Ezera

  • Raise the Theater to level 3 - unlocks Dark Zone activities.
  • Recruit Charles Douglas

  • Reach maximum level at the Theater - unlocks the firing range.

Here are the recruitable staff at the Campus settlement:

    Recruit Joshua Summers
  • Increase the settlement to level 1 - unlocks baber.
  • Recruit Otis Skyes

  • Reach level 2 at the Campus - unlocks more difficult bounty missions.
  • Recruit Emma Richards

  • Reach level 3 at the Campus - unlocks the Recalibration Station.
  • We’ll update this guide as we discover more.

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