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DiRT 3 DLC gets outed, retail selling for £5

As DiRT 3 prepares to launch tomorrow, details on the game's first DLC packs are revealed, with retail set to sell the game for as low as a fiver.

The trophy list for the PS3 version, outed by PS3Trophies (via Gamerzines), shows that four packs of DLC are inbound, varying between cars and packs.

The packs are known as Mud and Guts car pack, Power and Glory car pack, Monte Carlo track pack and the X Games Asia track pack.

The new packs will come with four trophies to unlock between them.

DiRT 3 for fiver if you trade Lego Pirates or Brink

Meanwhile, UK retailer GAME is promising to sell the rally racer for £4.99 when it goes on sale tomorrow, but only if titles such as Lego Pirates of the Caribbean or Brink are traded in, according to MCV. The offer applies to both PS3 and 360.

DiRT 3 launches tomorrow for PS3, 360 and PC. Read the reviews for it here.

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