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Dille: Sony's more prominent in consumer's "consideration zone" than ever


Sony's Peter Dille had revealed that thanks not only to the price-cut of PS3, but HD televisions, Blu-ray and the upcoming Move; Sony is now more prominent in the consumer's "consideration zone" than ever before.

Speaking with the Financial Times following his M16 presentation yesterday, Dille feels that Sony's new PS3 advertising campaign hits home to folks who were a bit skeptical in the beginning of a convergence device and opted instead for something simpler, like Wii.

"Five years ago [when Wii was released], it was harder. A convergence device was tough [to sell]..but I do think the consumer is ready for it, it seems like the time is right for this and this is probably the most-researched campaign I’ve ever been part of," said Dille.

"We had a lot of folks in America who it was news to them that the PS3 has a Blu-ray player. Part of this is that if you’re not in the market yet for something, you don’t pay attention and I think when our price-point was at $600, it wasn't in reach for a lot of Americans because of the economy and so they just tuned it out.

"But all of a sudden, once the PS3 came down to $299, it’s in the consideration zone for many more people than previously and all of a sudden it’s like: we’re getting a hi-def TV, we’re going to need to connect..and you need to feed the beast. The best way to do it from our perspective is the PS3 where you’ve got Blu-ray, the internet connection and you’ve got games.

"That was maybe something we were very conscious we had to solve, which is why we had an [advertising] spot about Blu-ray movies".

All this is part of Sony's plan to redefine the virtual living room, which Dille said proves that Sony's not "just a gaming company".

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