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Did you know Don't Starve has a plot?

Don't Starve is a rad little 2D survival sandbox with, apparently, an ongoing story.

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Did you know Don't Starve has a plot?

I really like Don't Starve but I was rubbish at it, so I had no idea it had an ongoing story - until today.

Klei has released a new trailer for the multiplayer expansion Don't Starve Together, which has recently been extended to include Reign of Giants content.

The trailer was accompanied by a link to Cyclum, a series of puzzles. According to the Don't Starve Wiki, these puzzles reveal a series of comics and a video explaining events between "the events of Maxwell's freedom and the events of Don't Starve Together". Whaaa?

Seriously, last time I checked in with Don't Starve (a long, long time ago) it didn't yet have an Adventure Mode, so as far as I knew it was just another crafting sandbox survival affair. Since I never got any further than surviving for a week or two and making myself a fetching hat before other releases lured me away, I had no idea that the game and its expansions explored the lore and advanced a story.

It just goes to show there's often more to a game than a cursory examination and familiarity with the marketing materials conveys. I'm putting this one back on the endless list of must plays.

Don't Starve is available on iOS, Linux, Mac, PC, PlayStation 3, PS4, Vita, Wii U and Xbox One, with the Steam version serving as primary build. We sometimes lose Steph to it for days on end.

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