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Devotion dev still working on a re-release despite GOG u-turn

Devotion developers still hope the game will see the light of day again.

Taiwanese horror game Devotion has turned into quite a sad tale of a developer simply trying to sell its game. The title has had a politically charged past, making that ever harder.

It came under fire early last year when Chinese sensors made life incredibly difficult for Red Candle Games after a meme suggesting a resemblance between Chinese president Xi Jinping and Winnie the Pooh was found in the game. This comparison is one the country has been very strict over in the past.

The game was review bombed on Steam by Chinese audiences and later it disappeared from Valve's storefront and never returned. What's more, the game's Chinese publisher Indievent had its business license revoked, and the game went quiet.

This past summer, Red Candle managed to self-distribute physical copies of the game, but only in Taiwan. Then, yesterday hope appeared as it was announced that GOG would be selling the game once again in West.

However, the platform seemingly got cold feet and cancelled the release after getting what it called "many messages from gamers." It was a cruel new chapter for the game's story.

However, Red Candle Games has now responded, saying that it will continue to try and get the game released. The developer posted this message on Twitter:

Hopefully, the developer finds a platform that is willing to step up and house the game as, during its initial release, the title received very good reviews. In a horror genre that could always use another great hit, it's a shame Devotion is getting repressed.

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